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The Beacon Free Press has been Beacon’s primary center of news and entertainment coverage for over 25 years. Coverage includes local city and school news and features, Dutchess County Legislature, county legal notices, obituaries, plus coverage of arts and entertainment, hospitals and health, education, libraries and local businesses and organizations.

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7/01/15 Highlights of this week's edition...

Beacon ready to celebrate America’s birthday

By Kristine Coulter

(Continued from Cover) The reading will take place at 11 a.m. at Beacon City Hall, 1 Municipal Plaza. The three readers this year are: Beacon residents Kathryn Janus, Thomas Rigney and Dutchess County Legislator Alison MacAvery.

“I was delighted to be asked to participate in what is a wonderful Beacon event - to honor July 4th and remind people what it is we’re celebrating; that it’s not just about barbecues and a day off from work!” said Janus.

When asked what it will mean to her, Janus responded, “What will it mean to me - I have been reading it over in preparation and I find it so meaningful to read the words of ‘The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America.’ That’s exactly how it’s written - exactly how it’s capitalized. I can imagine these men hammering out what they want to say, and working and re-working the language they wanted to use. It’s beautifully written and so crystal clear. They’re not being contrary for the sake of contrariness, they have just and valid reasons as to why they’re taking the huge step they’re taking, and they elucidate them so clearly. It’s very touching to me, actually.”

Janus said it is always “good to be reminded of the reasons we broke away from the King (George III).”

She stated, “People need to remember our history. It’s good for young people to hear the words – they’re very understandable if properly read!”

Janus added: “Worry about making the coleslaw later. Come out and honor the day with family and fellow citizens of Beacon!”

Read the full story in this week’s print edition.

Salvation Army forced to cut back on some programs

The Salvation Army in Beacon recently had to scale back on some of its offerings. - Courtesy photo.

By Jared Bernacchia

The walls seem to be closing in on some of the programs The Salvation Army is able to provide to the community of Beacon.

For decades, Beacon’s Salvation Army has been a consistent source of programs and goods for members of the community in need. However, an alleged decrease in budget and change in leadership have seen a number of cutbacks in what the Salvation Army can provide, leaving patrons and volunteers with a deep sense of dissatisfaction.

“A lot has changed in the last year,” stated Richard VanTassel, Beacon resident and volunteer for the Salvation Army. “We used to run a summer basketball camp for the youth that would provide lunch and a place for kids to go to for the day, and they got rid of that. They’ve also cut hours on the soup kitchen, as well as doing away with furniture and clothing donations.”

Soup kitchen hours, which previously ran from Monday through Friday (10 a.m. - noon), are now run Monday through Thursday (11 a.m. to noon). To fill the void left when Fridays were cut, the First Presbyterian Church (located on 50 Liberty Street) have taken the reigns of running the soup kitchen on Fridays, in addition to Saturdays they do weekly.

“We started doing running the soup kitchen on Saturdays three years ago, and on Fridays four weeks ago,” stated Ellen Edgar, a previous volunteer for the Salvation Army who jointly runs the First Presbyterian Church’s soup kitchen with Gwen Nerrie. “We saw a need for it, so we started providing it. People aren’t just hungry Monday through Thursday.”

Read the full story in this week’s print edition.

Also in the Jul 1-7, 2015 issue:

  • Gospel Cafe celebrates 7th anniversary.

Elder Harold Kimble added his tenor sax artistry to the Howland Cultural Center's 7th anniversary Gospel Cafe festivities.
- Courtesy photo


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